Can I Eat the Cream Cheese if it has Mold?

Text from my 19 year old daughter:

“if i have mold on my cream cheese can i use the other parts that don’t have it”

“I always did. Eat the cream cheese” I texted back.

In the whole scope of life, cream cheese isn’t that important. But when you really want that bagel and there’s mold on the cheese, what’s a person to do?

Scrape off the mold and eat it anyway. 

I have a theory about this mold thing.

We live in a culture where we worry about things that shouldn’t be worries. A little mold on cheese never killed anyone. I Googled it, so it’s true.

We live to sanitize our surroundings, keeping the hand sanitizer in the car, our purses, in the kitchen, thinking that killing all the bacteria will help us.

It won’t. Killing all the bacteria actually hurts us. 

Our children play less and less outdoors. We are exposed less and less to the bacteria that keeps our guts, bodies and mind healthy. Raising my children I railed at mothers who thought I was strange because my children played in the woods without supervision. “What if something happens to them?”

“Then something happens and I will have to deal with it.” I would reply, or not. What I did wasn’t their business.

What kind of life is it sitting inside a perfectly clean home with no outside experience they can make their own? How will they learn to make their own choices if they aren’t given the opportunity to learn from their own mistakes? If I hover over their existence doesn’t that stifle their independence? Do I really want my children to live in fear of what is out there?  I wondered out loud or to myself. Not giving a crap what they thought.

“A little mold never killed anyone.” I wisely stated. “A lot does.”

She ate the cream cheese. As far as I know, she’s still alive and healthier for doing so.

Scrape off the mold and get on with it. There are bigger cheese’s to deal with. A little mold might be just what you need.